Dr Evan Brown

Technical Lead, Technical Project Manager, Technical Author, Software Developer specialising in Big Data projects


Hello and thanks for visiting!

My name is Evan Brown. I am a Technical Lead for software development projects, a computer programmer and a computing researcher. I have a PhD in computational linguistics and Human Computer Interaction (HCI). I specialise in big data projects. This site tells you more about me, the services I offer, my skills and my research interests.

I have over twenty years’ experience of developing and managing computer software projects. I am primarily interested in facilitating access to big data collections with computers. I focus on the creation of software which allows for effective online search and retrieval of information from large collections of text and images.

My current job is in the financial technology (Fintech) sector as Development Team Lead at Factris, one of Europe’s leading invoice factoring companies. I help to plan, coordinate and deliver the company’s back end platform, working primarily in Ruby on Rails.

At the same time, as a Research Fellow at the University of St Andrews, I concentrate on the development of textual search engines which provide high quality hits and precedent maps in response to queries against legal databases of case law and legislation. My Legaltech platforms interrogate databases of almost a billion words of case law reports and legislation under the English legal system.

My recent previous work has been in the area of content-based image retrieval and automatic image analysis. The systems I developed allow people to search for pictures based upon queries which are themselves pictures or photographs.

I was also employed to develop image redaction software for the online release of the 1939 National Register of Great Britain, a collection of 1.2 million page images which contains similar information to a Census. The details of people who were recorded in 1939 and who are still alive have to be automatically redacted in order to preserve their privacy.